It's time to eat better!

La Cuisine de Lucie manufactures or selects delicious, original and healthy foodstuff.

Lucie is our mascot, our spokeswoman. Through her voice, we make the commitment to help you eat well. Why? Because we want for our children a better nutritional world, because we want to preserve our earth and our environment and above all, because without good food, we won’t live long.

Here you can learn more about our values and, if you go all the way to the bottom, you’ll discover Lucie’s story…

Our 3 commitments
Lucie de la Cuisine de Lucie / Lucie of la Cuisine de Lucie

Lucie's 3 commitments

Number 1

To select, or make, healthy, tasty and natural quality products.

What makes the quality of a product? Of course, its taste, but not only! Quality complies with complementary criteria : ingredients, and, of course, how the product is made.

Thus, not only we check that ingredients do not contain GMO but we also turn our attention to the additives inside. Quality also means preferring local area ingredients. Actually, some of our products are seasonal because nature is seasonal.

To guarantee your safety, our partner-producers take care of their foodstuff. They set up HACCP controls or similar. Finally, we are eager to offer you brand new and tasty products!

By the way, we do test our products, but eventually, it’s your own choice. Please tell about your thoughts to Lucie by email or thanks to her Twitter account!

Number 2

Leading to clear and fair information.

To eat well, it is important to be aware of the nutrition basis and the ingredients of the products. That’s why we commit ourself to apply two important measures : writing for you an easily understandable product sheet and telling you all the truth about our natural products.

All the ingredients are fully named and we do our best to mention the region from where they come. Feel free to ask us about their composition, it will be a pleasure to answer!

Number 3

A community commitment.

We take it for granted that your suggestions have to be taken into account to offer you the products you love! Your feedbacks will be wellcome. Simply fill in the contact form or tweet. That’s it! Lucie often shares item of information about healthy foods and more! Engage with her in a world of Natural food!

Psst... Would you like to learn Lucie's story? Just keep scrolling...

Lucie's birth

Lucie's birth

Before an idea comes true, there’s a long way to go!

La Cuisine de Lucie wasn't created in a day. Consider all the discoveries, the encounters, the surveys, and the happiness but also the questions, failures and fears. Through Lucie's story you will discover how la Cuisine de Lucie was born and what makes her so special. It is just the very start and a lot remains to write…

  • 2011

  • October 2011

    A question…

    During several stays in Canada, we noticed that few French local products were showed in the groceries. You know, these fresh and healthy foodstuffs we find in a limited quantity which are made with local ingredients according to the know-how of small producers… This is what we’re talking about! Our first reaction was: Why do we find so few of these products and, can they get their chance in this country?

  • November 2011

    To find out exportable foodstuff

    From November 2011 to February 2012, we lead a complete survey to evaluate to what point the French producers are interested in selling their products to Canada and…it is a real success! 90% of the questioned companies would like to share what they make over the Atlantic ocean. We tested their products and checked their laboratories. Our catalogue comes up with…200 products!

  • 2012

  • February 2012


    Actually, why do we want to do this? Why do we want to share these small treasures with our Canadian friends?

    The answer is really easy to understand: what’s more healthy than these food products created after a handcraft cook’s passion? Their skills to use local and natural ingredients is an obvious help to eat well. They use no GMO, additives are measured and controled and the making process is safe. And finally, the great flavors of their, most of the time, familial recipes allow their products to stand out and make us forget that it can be tough to eat well!

    Sharing this passion for good and healthy food, helping these French producers and, of course, making you discover new flavors, this is what La Cuisine de Lucie is about!

    An exclusive distributor contract is signed with our partners-producers and La Cuisine de Lucie becomes a Canadian and French registered trademark.

  • March 2012

    The big survey

    We have 2 more questions to answer. First, why can we only find a few of these French local products on the Canadian market? Then, what would be the best distribution network to use to make them widely available?

    We will need no less than 6 months and several travels to answer these questions. Especially because we quickly realized that we’ve been starting the wrong way!

    During March and April 2012, Ubifrance conducted a study of the Canadian market and helped us organize meetings with several Ontario and Quebec importers. But we soon realize that they were not the right interlocutors. However, we found out the answer to our first question: French local products are missing in this country mostly because the Canadian importers don’t want to buy them and no choice is given to the consumers! What should we do?

    Well, we just have to become an importer ourself!

  • July 2012

    Learning the Canadian rules

    In order to become an importer, we have to learn the Canadian law. It is obvious, the rules are not the same as in Europe!

    Dissecting drugs and food acts, packaging and labeling acts, Canadian nutrition facts tables, fishes and meat importation laws, Health Canada and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency requirements…this was part of our day-to-day job for a couple of months! Not forgeting the two compulsory languages (English and French), the administrative licence and the different registrations to get a recognition of legitimacy, the choice of our broker and our storing-partner in Montreal…

    4 awesome months to overpower the food import and distribution process on the Canadian market!

  • August 2012

    Our marketing development

    Now comes the time to create the necessary tools to let people known more about our company and to turn our philosophy and beliefs into a strong set of rules to create a solid base for the future of La Cuisine de Lucie.

    We then have developped a visual identity that reflects these beliefs and applied it to every documents we needed: labels, site, communication material…

    And here comes Lucie, our mascot and spokeswoman. She is in charge of sharing our healthy products philosophy on our Twitter account.

  • November 2012

    Refining the selection

    It’s just time to pinpoint the final products. An other survey is launched, not at the importer’s level but straight through the consumers, retailers and distributors.

    We also applied our philosophy to our selection criteria: we have to refuse to work with producers who are not processing with Control methods, such as HACCP, in order to guarantee the food healthiness.

    Finally, we’ve selected fifteen products or so and it’s time to finish the negotiations with our partners-distributors.

  • December 2012

    We are ready!

    That’s it! We can go! The first shipments left France and the official launch is planned for the beginning of 2013. We take a while to look back at what we did: from the birth of the idea to the very start of the shipment, it took more than 1 year!

    It’s the price we had to pay to become an importing process expert and to be able to share with our Canadian friends these awesome tasty, healthy and natural French local products.

  • 2014

  • February 2014

    Welcome to the USA

    A chance to extend the market southwards, in the US New England is offering to us. An Agent came across our Natural products catalog. Actually, he is well introduced in the US food distribution.

    Is Lucie to be renamed after Lucy?