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Are you a distributor?

Consumers could be asking for our products in places where we can’t deliver yet! They are healthy, without GMOs and completely natural. Are you a distributor? We are a non-resident importer. We take care of the importation procedures, the labeling process and the compliance of our products with Canadian laws. They come to Canada, ready to be sold, with 2 languages labels, Canadian Nutrition Facts Table, bar code, etc.

You can find our catalog to view online or to download at the following links: Download | View Online.

Are you interested in becoming our partner and helping to make our products available accross Canada? Drop us a line!

Are you carefully making healthy, tasty and natural recipes?

You are making healthy and tasty French local products? They are made with vegetables or fishes with no GMOs, food coloring or artificial flavors? You control the production process by applying rules like HACCP plans, their sell-by date is at least 12 months and they don’t contain meat?

We can help you increase your sales by importing and distributing them in North America under our registered trademark La Cuisine de Lucie! Would you like to be part of this adventure? Contact us!