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Let us eat some fish!

Oui, mangeons du poisson ! Mais pourquoi ?

Yes, let us eat some fish! But why? Just a while, suppose that fish is not your most appreciated food. You are so many in this case! And let us suppose that this small text claims to put fishstuff in your plate, even if it is not every day… What should it have to tell you to make you think ” it’s worth trying! “?

We can simply trust the scientific literature. The food databases inform us about all the good nutriments, the essential vitamins and the mineral salts fishes contain. They are the perfect alternatives to meat and bring numerous vitamins that vegetables refuse to feed us with, vitamin B12 for example. This Health Canada Chart features them.

By the way, I guess these figures are not going to be quite enough to give you a run to the fishmonger. Especially as I hear several sceptics who claim that there are risks when eating some fish, because of the presence of heavy metals such as mercury. If you accept a fish from a fisherman who has just pick it out of the water, obviously, you do not know what it contains and, in this case, you get a risk of consuming a polluted food. But, if you buy your fishstuff perfectly controled by the governmental agency the role of which is to preserve the health of the consumers (Canadian Food Inspection Agency), you are sure that this food will be healthy. Analyses are made in a systematic way for the brand new products launched on the market. So, very particularly, the imported fish is the matter of a serious control and if you find it out in glass jar on the shelves of your favorite grocery, trust and take!

Not persuaded? Maybe you tell yourself that the preparation of a fish is not part of your culinary habits? It could be, but we find among recipes some great ideas easy to make (thanks Ricardo!) or, if you buy a seabass rillette, a smoked herring rillette with tomato confit, the preparation only consists in unscrewing the lid…

Almost there! You tell yourself: “all right, why not try? “. Then just for you, in your ear: “would you mind living 2 more years?”